Friday, February 15, 2013

Real connection

Everyone craves connection. That's why you see so many people glued to their smart phone...anticipating that beep, not wanting to miss out, drowning in information overload...yet still wanting to feel connected.

True connection won't be found on a twitter feed or status update. Instead turn it off. All of it. Turn off the television, cell phone, laptop...anything with a screen staring at you.

Walk outside. Feel the sunshine warm your skin, bathe in the moon's glow or dance in the pouring rain. Sit by a tree and hear its wisdom. Watch a sunrise, a sunset, a shooting star. Let the wind lead you on an adventure with no destination in mind.

Eat a delicious meal in silence. Enjoy the flavors, the aroma, the texture...the way your tongue squeals with delight.

Paint a picture. Use your fingers. Sing in the shower. Dance in your underwear. Write flash fiction or the next great American novel. Send a hand-written love letter to your mom, best friend, or your favorite coffee shop barista. Hug a pet. Smile at a stranger. 

Have a real conversation. Listen. Look them in the eye. Open your heart and mind. Share and reveal your true self; not what the world expects to see.

Slow down. Be in the moment, engaging all senses, whether washing dishes, reading this post or a heart-to-heart with a loved one. Truly experience an intimate connection.

Unplug the electronics and plug back into your life. Even if only until the next beep. 

this post inspired by the video shown above,  "What our screens are doing to us"

turn off the distractions,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hats off

A fun creative play date with my Creative Way friend Kaitlyn produced the oh so fun claymation video above. Don't blink or you will surely miss it.

It took TWO hours to build the set, create the different facial expressions and shoot the still photos of our actors. And then more blood, sweat and tears to turn the stills into an incredibly short film. And yes, the credits are way longer than the actually film....whateves.

By the way, did you catch Miss Pink Lady winking? Or Mr. Green Jean's hat fly off his head (major special effects going on here, peeps!).

So much love sent out to all the creators of animation films...don't know how they muster the patience, but sure do get the inspiration and fun.

mold your own world (no play-doh required),

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pep talk

PDX street art @ NW Glisan and 18th

Friends are the most precious resources.
Always nurture and handle with care.
Open your heart and mind to receive their love,
and they will do the same in return.
Run toward them with open arms
 when you need that shoulder to lean on.
Friends illuminate the darkness
revealing your beauty and wisdom within.

pep, pep, hooray!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"I wish they knew... much I love my life."

When I sat down to free write on the Sunday Scribblings prompt 'immunity', my first thought was "I wish I was immune to loneliness."

This last week has been plagued with darkness. I've been stuck, mainly in my head, but it's clutched onto my body keeping me from moving forward.

Watching the CBS evening news, I saw the piece here about Todd Love, a U.S. Recon Marine in Afghanistan two years ago who lost both legs and his left forearm to a landmine. Since last year Love has kayaked, skydived, wrestled with an alligator, surfed and scuba dived.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Horse at a bus stop

Horse waiting for the #15 at NW 23rd & Overton St

just when I thought Portland street art couldn't push the boundaries of creativity any further...thanks for continuing to blow my mind and tickle me with laughter. love you so, PDX.

ride 'em cowboy!