Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's gettin' hot in here

Summer has hit...and it's HOT. Of course, having huge windows facing the blazing sun and no air conditioner doesn't help. Some days have been absolutely unbearable. All I want is to pass out on the couch and dump cold water over my head.

Portland summer days are long. Sun's up by 5:30 and doesn't set until 9ish. Despite growing up in Florida, I'm not used to so much sunshine in one day. But something about it is magical...natural fuel having me run around like the Energizer bunny.

My days are filled with hours of writing my YA novel and playing with friends in the sun. Breathing in the fresh air, surrounded by lush trees and brilliant flowers. Grateful for this "happy happy joy joy"  and banking this feeling for when winter rolls on in.

soak in the sunshine,