Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When life gives you lemons...

...sometimes everything sours. 

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The last couple of months have been...well...pretty sucky. I hurt my knee in early April and ended up having surgery in mid-May (who knew karaoke could be so dangerous?!). At first, my outlook was pretty positive. So many amazing friends showed up for me...rides to the hospital, mac-n-cheese for easy 'post-surgery' meals, texts checking-in and grocery store runs. And then...

I found myself alone. Here it was summer and while everyone else was camping and hiking and driving out to the coast, I was trapped on my couch with nothing left to watch on Netflix. Before you knew it, I found myself spiraling into a dark place. No inspiration or motivation to write. No concentration to read. No mobility to get out of the house. Soon I was getting sick of my own company.

That's when you pucker up, kiss the crap goodbye, and make some lemonade.

There's some truth to the saying "happiness comes from within." You can't always control the 'bad' things that happen in life. But you can choose your perspective. I'm not saying to ignore your emotions, but rather than drown in depression or lash out in anger, listen to what your feelings are telling you. Then do something about it. Or accept the situation and move on.

I tried putting pen to paper many times. Even tried playing with different genres, hoping something new would spark some enthusiasm. But when the few words that trickled out were pure garbage and just made me feel worse, I started reading instead. All kinds of books. Memoir, YA romance, middle grade folklore, adult fantasy. It took some time, but finally a spark was lit and now I can't stop writing.

So when life knocks you on your arse...pick yourself up, dust off, take a breather if needed, then take one step forward.

life can be sweet

Friday, July 17, 2015

Three Great Lies Book Launch

Check it out! Vanessa MacLellan's book launch for her debut novel THREE GREAT LIES is Thursday, August 6th at Powell's Cedar Hills in Beaverton.

From Publishers Weekly review: "MacLellan's fun debut drops Jeanette, an American tourist in Egypt, into ancient Thebes....A great sense of character evolution drives the plot...Supernatural elements help develop the world around Jeanette, but don't overpower it....A strong conclusion sets this light fantasy a notch above its peers."

Don't miss it!