Tuesday, November 19, 2019


I am silly. I am giggly. I'm a curvy, curly-headed chick. I'm a daughter, sister, listener, friend. I'm introverted and confident. I'm a writer, number cruncher. I'm a lover of Excel. I am black. I am white. I'm a tree hugger, animal lover. I'm abundant. I am grateful. I'm a dancer, singing off-key. I'm a bit crazy for latte with oat milk. I am spiritual, physical, mental, emotional. I'm sitting still in silence. I'm shouting for what I believe. I am salty. I am sweet. I am joy. I am peace.

I am many puzzle pieces. These are just a few. Sometimes they don't all fit, so then I try on something new. I am many. I am the two most magical words that ever existed: 

I am expansive. I am infinite. I am awareness.
Who are you?

Just Be!

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